Sunday, 11 July 2010


This photograph was taken at one of the first showings of a Cinamaplex film in London. Cinemaplex was a very wide screen cinema. Sadly, we don't know what was showing but my two brothers look like they were enjoying every moment. The elder of my two brothers, Peter is in the front and John who is two years younger is sat behind him. Under John's seat, you can see my Dads camera case. Mum knitted both their jumpers. When I showed her the picture and asked about the jumpers, she said 'the boys rarely wore anything I hadn't knitted or made myself'. I don't know how she ever found the time! We think Peter is about 6 years old and John about 4 in the photo.

Thanks for all your lovely comments. I am finding this an amazing voyage of discovery and I'm glad you are all enjoying it with me. Believe me when I say I have literally hundreds of photos to post .... its hard to make selections so they'll probably all appear eventually.


  1. What a fabulous picture! They look like they're really enjoying the film! How did Mom's find the time to make clothes as well as keeping up with the domestic stuff?

  2. This is a brilliant picture, it makes you smile just looking at it! I take it it's another one of your Dad's? As for knitting, I never progressed beyond a scarf for teddy (which turned into a Dr Who scarf a la Tom Baker because I didn't know how to stop knitting!). Another photo soon please Penny! x

  3. It makes me smile just looking at them. They are having such a wonderful time. Love it.

  4. What a great picture! You should start combining some of these pics with your art now. that would be fabulous!
    Nice to see you back, Penny

    xoxo Kim

  5. This is absolutely ADORABLE!